Author: eelingw

It began as random doodles, a tool for her to focus her artistic mind, now evolved and transformed into intricate, elegant mandalas. A Jill-of-many-trades, Eeling’s mandalas reflect the hidden depths of her personality – behind her frank, freedom-seeking and independent personality is a meticulous, complex and sensitive soul seeking ways of expression. 曼陀罗:梵文 乃 轮,圆满。曰:天圆地方之意也。/曼陀罗的绘制可追溯至远古,可通过绘制乃至凝视观想,亦可通达内心平静。/每个人内心都该有一空间,使自己万缘放下,在宁静中,认知内在“真正的自己”。/曼陀罗与宗教有关与否,且把祂看成一种祥和之美的艺术,带领您开启无极限的创作灵感之路……


night job 



Many people often ask, how long i take to finish one mandala like this (which is the auspicious series 450mm X 450mm ⌀) i am slow and i really do not know how long i took to draw this. let’s say about 54hours?! how long you think? 
-The Auspicious Series ~ Suvarnamatsya



Last year when i was about to leave my job which i work for more than a decade, i decided to make a set of calendar with my drawing as an appreciation gift for my beloved colleagues. This year, friend said i can sell them. I do not have any idea if the calendar will sell, but i think it’s a nice gift.